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Envestio went public in 2017 after being a private investment fund since 2014. So in total they have more than 3 years experience in the financial and investment markets. Envestio specialises in funding of business and industrial related projects. You won’t find any short-term and personal loans here.

That is what makes them different from other P2P platforms. They are helping real business adventures and projects with financing. They pay high returns (up to 22%!) and so far they have been stable and paid returns on time

I have had no concerns about their business model and integrity.
At the time of writing they have funded $4,5 million and 1700 investors have joined the platform.

Investing on the Envestio platform

The Envestio platform has a fresh “modern” look and is easy to navigate. They only have a primary market and there is no auto invest function. Maybe that will come later, but do you really need it?

Most projects on the Envestio platform are from 6 months to 2 years, so you don’t need to re-invest that often. The projects are well explained and I find most of them interesting and relevant to invest in.

Envestio projects

Getting started with Envestio

Sign-up is free and easy. You need to go through a verification process like any other platform and they were very quick to validate my information, when I signed up with them.
When you are ready, you can transfer money to the platform by bank transfer (SEPA). This works great and again, they were fast to add the transferred funds to my investor account.

At the moment only bank transfer in euro is possible, but maybe other transfer options will be available in the future.

Investing in projects

You can see the active projects that are open for investment by clicking “Investments” on the main menu. New projects are listed regularly and you can subscribe to be notified by e-mail when new projects become available.

Envestio projects

Above is an example of some of the projects that you can invest in at the time of writing.

To invest, click on the Invest icon, then on the next page enter the amount you would like to invest in the project. Very simple and straight forward.

Nevestio bio fuel projectIf you want to know more about the different projects you can click on the “Projects” link at the top of the page.

This will list all the projects (both current and completed) projects that have been funded by investors via the Envestio platform.

You will find projects in many different sectors, from real estate to heavy industry, energy and power plant and even crypto mining equipment. ( Please not that Envestio does not invest in any crypto activities, but only fund projects to produce equipment used in crypto mining.)

Most projects gives high returns and there is something for every investor profile.



Envestio Buyback
Example of project terms

Envestio offer a buyback guarantee on the principal if you want to exit before the project is complete.

For most projects there is a 5% penalty fee, but please check each project carefully as this may vary.! As always, do take your time before investing to read the terms of the projects.


How well is Envestio performing?

The interest rates offered on Envestio are among the highest available from P2P platforms, you will be seeing some nice returns in your account pretty fast.

Here is a section of my personal repayment schedule.

Envestio repayment schedule


Interests are paid monthly and the principal is paid back in full when the project is complete.

Very simple and clear layout and you can easily predict your monthly income.

All the projects you are invested in, has a loan number and the projected payment date for that loan is also listed.



Envestio may look like a new player on the market, but given the fact that they were a private investment fund for 3 years before becoming a public crowdlending platform, gives me confidence to invest there.

The high returns on interesting projects and the modern and easy to use platform is also a big plus for me.
If they will manage to keep new projects coming to the platform and keep up with investor demand, only time can tell.
So far there has been enough available, but the platform is gaining in popularity fast.

Envestio website

Invest on Envestio


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